Recent Renewables Required Reading: What Can You Skip, What d’ya Gotta Read?

December 1, 2016 |

bd-ts-120216-required-reading-smThis week, in Washington and Brussels, four news flashes on global renewable fuel volumes appeared on the radar. Can you safely ignore them and get on with other work, or is there something to get deeply informed about? Let’s look into it.

#1. The Point of Obligation RFS Crisis.

The issue. 

Several parties petitioned the US EPA to shift obligations under the Renewable Fuel Standard from them to someone else. Basically, to anyone else. The petitioners want relief from buying RINs, thinking about renewables, or experiencing any pain associated with the change in the fuels marketplace which the Congress mandated in the 2007 EISA Act.

The Bottom Line: 

Unless EPA goes completely insane, it’s a no-brainer to ignore.

Why We’re Talking About It: 

The EPA has proposed to deny the petitions, but hasn’t actually finalized the denial. And, the EPA has proposed to open up a broader comments period on the issue. In short, it’s done everything it can to p—s off the losers and not yet make winners feel secure.

The Latest News: 

A group of trade associations representing various segments of the fuel industry (which don’t usually agree on anything) have signed onto a letter – for the first time ever – that will go to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and will help inform the Trump transition team.

Get this: the list includes, the American Petroleum Institute, Advanced Biofuels Association, Growth Energy, National Association of Convenience Stores, Renewable Fuels Association, National Association of Truck Stop Operators, Petroleum Marketers Association of America, Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America. So you have renewable fuel producers, retailers, and oil refiners.

Why you can safely ignore: 

It’s a change no one of any importance really wants. 

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