New handheld sensor meaures biofuels content in diesel, in seconds

December 10, 2016 |

In the UK, hand held DieselProve technology from Salunda Limited has been developed for the accurate determination of the biofuel content of diesel blends used in a wide range of automotive and industrial power applications. The tool is designed to provide a fast and simple diagnostic tool to assess the biofuel content in biodiesel fuels, as well as identifying other impurities such as vegetable oil, white spirit and water.

Less than 50ml of fuel is required to enable the electronic hand held unit and integral probe to provide an accurate in-field measurement of biodiesel content with comparable accuracy to laboratory testing.  Reliable and robust test results are displayed in seconds and can be downloaded to a supporting software program for formal record keeping and reporting options.

DieselProve enables on-site checks to be made quickly against engine manufacturers’ permissible content limits or industry fuel quality standards and can be used as a first stage screening tool to determine if more detailed analysis required.

The hand-held, battery powered DieselProve unit is supplied as part of a portable kit comprising measuring tubes, quick start guide and results reporting software.

The team at Salunda Limited has established a reputation as experts in rapidly delivering robust monitoring solutions for harsh environments.   Salunda’s solutions ensure a safer workplace, improve efficiency and reduce non-productive time.

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