Improved on-site anaylsis of biodiesel blends 

January 8, 2017 |

In the UK, advanced sensor technology is enabling a specialist fuel analysis company to accurately verify the biofuel content of diesel blends used in critical industrial plant and stand-by power generation applications.

The UKAS-accredited Contaminated Fuel Condition Services (CFCS) operates a fleet of mobile test laboratories to provide on-site fuel quality monitoring analysis for a wide range of applications.

As well as testing against specific 0%, 2% and 7% content limits required by engine manufacturers, product standards or user preferences for different applications, the company also uses the sensor system to detect less than 100% biofuel content in those applications where it is being used on its own.

The electronic hand held unit and integral probe provides accurate, real time in-field measurement of biodiesel content with the same accuracy as laboratory sampling methods. As well as detecting the proportion of biofuel present, other contaminants such as white spirit, petrol and water can also be detected. Reliable and robust test results are displayed in seconds and can be downloaded to a supporting software program for formal record keeping and reporting options.

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