Novozymes releases advanced suite of biofuels enzymes

February 22, 2017 |

In Denmark, Novozymes announces the launch of the Spirizyme T Portfolio, an advanced suite of glucoamylase enzymes with trehalase and other yield enhancing activities that provide the most total sugar conversion in the industry.

Trehalase is an enzyme that converts trehalose, a type of sugar that cannot be fermented to ethanol, to glucose, which is easily fermentable. Trehalose makes up a significant part of the so-called DP2 peak, a measure of residual sugar in an ethanol plant. The more DP2 an ethanol plant can convert; the more ethanol it will produce.

Extensive plant trials of Spirizyme T showed that it reduced the amount of residual DP2 by up to 70 percent, the most in the industry. This would allow a 100 million gallons per year (MGY) plant to convert 11 million pounds of otherwise wasted sugar to approximately 700,000 gallons of additional ethanol per year. At current prices, this would add nearly $1 million in revenue for the plant.

Spirizyme T is available in three versions: Spirizyme Ultra T has the best DP2 reduction vs. cost;Spirizyme Excel T has the lowest total residual sugar for short fermentation times; Spirizyme Achieve T has the greatest ability to reduce residual starch and sugar.

Novozymes Spirizyme T customers receive an extra layer of service through Novozymes’ Advanced Laboratory Services. A team of specialized scientists examine fermentation samples before and after plant trials to determine DP2 peaks and calculate trehalose conversion. Additional plant data are analyzed to identify areas where customers can operate their plant more efficiently.

Customers can get further support from Novozymes’ Bioenergy University, which provides customized education and training to help plant employees advance their skills and knowledge.

Spirizyme T will be available in North America immediately, followed by Latin America and Europe later in 2017.

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