Alliance BioEnergy says it can get cellulosic ethanol production costs down

March 15, 2017 |

In California, Alliance BioEnergy Plus, Inc. highlighted the Company’s research on the economics of its patented Cellulose to Sugar (CTS) conversion process compared to traditional corn-based cellulosic ethanol production and the financial benefits of its recent efforts to establish a local cellulosic ethanol production plant.

To adhere to RFS2 federal program standards, ethanol-producing companies are required to increase their use of cellulosic-based sugar in an attempt to reduce use of corn-based sugars which diminish the nation’s food supply. As a result, producers are identifying new solutions to meet commercial cellulosic ethanol production requirements at a lower cost and higher volume than traditional ethanol, while utilizing existing organic commercial and residential waste.

The Company’s competitive industry research found that using corn stover as feedstock for the enzymatic conversion process projected the cost of a gallon of ethanol to be well above $3.50. Alliance’s patented CTS process eliminates the need for pre-treatment, enzymes, liquid acids, applied heat and pressures, by utilizing a mechanical/chemical system which processes multiple cellulosic feedstocks continuously, bringing the projected cost down by approximately 74% to only $0.91 per gallon.

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