ICM drops horsepower load 50% with Selective Milling Technology update

April 2, 2017 |

In Kansas, ICM has achieved a 50% decrease in the electrical load requirement in its Selective Milling Technology, that allows ethanol plants to produce increases of up to 3% ethanol yield and up to 15% distiller’s oil recovery.

SMT is a platform technology that frees more starch critical for enzyme conversion to sugar by selectively targeting and flaking larger starch particles into smaller ones; or separating starch away from fiber, protein, or fats.  Using a newly designed proprietary milling device, the new and improved SMT allows plants to take advantage of these benefits while also maximizing efficiencies by reducing the added energy needed.  ICM’s Technology Development team developed this latest upgrade by evaluating various equipment designs available that can perform the necessary processes, and by leveraging ICM’s ability to partner with multiple equipment manufacturers.

“ICM’s new and improved SMT process offers tremendous value in itself, and ICM’s bolt-on technologies are the leading upgrades to position your corn ethanol plant for the next technological innovation,” stated Steve Hartig, Vice President, Technology Development.  As a platform technology SMT is a starting point, with the next step being ICM’s patented Fiber Separation Technology (FST), where the fiber is separated from the stream through counter flow washing steps. FST provides a dual benefit—eliminating the fiber from the fermentation stream allows for higher corn ethanol production and increases corn oil yield.

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