Cookstove developer Envirofit lands on 2017 New Energy Pioneers top 10

April 23, 2017 |

In New York, Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s 2017 New Energy Pioneers were announced —  game-changing innovators that are revolutionizing the energy sector — at the 10th BNEP Future of Energy Summit, in New York City.  Among the winners, Envirofit, which has developed a line of smart, clean cook stoves that reduce fuel use, smoke and toxic emissions, delivered to people living in energy poverty.

Michael Wilshire, selection committee chair and head of strategy at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, said: “This year, we were delighted to receive a record number of strong candidates for the New Energy Pioneers program, drawn from 43 different countries. We were struck by the new types of innovation we are now seeing in the industry. A number of our winners apply clean energy technologies to address new market frontiers in sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, remote lighting and energy access. Others have focused on making today’s energy industry more efficient through technology or process innovation in areas such as wind, heating installations and access to clean energy finance. We have also seen continued product innovation in fast growing market sectors such as advanced transport and in emerging markets.

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