Repreve Renewables becomes AGgrow Tech in rebranding move

April 30, 2017 |

In North Carolina Repreve Renewables unveiled a new company name and logo as part of a corporate rebranding initiative. The new name, AGgrow Tech, illustrates the companies dedication to constantly push and explore the possibilities of biomass products and renewable energy solutions derived from its patented and scientifically proven agricultural methods.

For the last five years, AGgrow Tech (formerly Repreve Renewables) has established itself as a leader in renewable biomass production. AGgrow Tech’s products are derived primarily from Giant Miscanthus grass, a high-yielding, low-input and drought-tolerant perennial that revitalizes the soil. The proprietary planting and grow techniques utilized by AGgrow Tech generates more crop per acre while improving the environment. The company’s agriculture-based production can be utilized in a variety of markets including bio-power (both liquid and solid fuels), geotextiles, absorbents and animal bedding.

AGgrow Tech’s animal bedding product, AGgrow Bedding, will feature three product specifications that will fulfill a wide range of animal welfare and bedding needs. The “Advanced” specification is a rebranding of the former product, Thrivez, an industry proven poultry bedding product used by the top poultry producers in the U.S. Other specifications will service the equestrian and small animals bedding needs. AGgrow Bedding provides the market with a purpose-grown solution for improving the animal’s welfare, production and growing environment. Learn more at their newly designed website,

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