Advanced Biofuels Canada adds six members as Canadian LCFS approaches

May 11, 2017 |

In Canada, Advanced Biofuels Canada revealed a signficant expansion of its membership. New members includeCellufuel Inc. is currently operating a demonstration-scale facility producing clean synthetic diesel from lowvalue forestry residues. Ensyn Corporation has a 30-year history of innovation and commercial deployment of fast thermal cracking of carbon-based feedstocks, including woody biomass, producing renewable chemicals, and ‘biocrude’ for thermal applications or co-processing with refinery feedstocks for the production of transportation fuels. 

Iogen is a leader in developing and implementing technology to make second generation biofuels, converting the non-food portion of plants into renewable transportation fuels with low greenhouse gas emissions. LanzaTech has a globally deployed gas fermentation technology which converts carbon-rich wastes and residues from industrial processes into valuable chemical products and fuels, including sustainable aviation fuel. OPIS (Oil Price Information Service) is one of the world’s most comprehensive sources for market information, news and intelligence for conventional fuels and biofuels. 

Steeper Energy is demonstrating a hydrothermal liquefaction technology that produces a synthetic ‘biocrude’ oil for on-site upgrading or refinery co-processing, to produce low-sulphur diesel, jet and marine biofuel from a wide range of biomass. Targray is a leading North American provider of biodiesel solutions with a dedicated rail fleet linking its supply terminals to a wide range of fleets and fuel retailers in the US and Canada.

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