Resynergi teams with University of Minnesota to develop biorefining technology

June 12, 2017 |

In Minnesota, California waste recovery company Resynergi Inc. is drawing on University of Minnesota expertise and technology to develop and commercially manufacture a biorefining technology that converts both plastic and biomass into oil and gas.

Resynergi is combining U of M Professor Roger Ruan’s microwave-based technology to convert biomass such as waste wood or crop residue into oil with its own modular, microwave-based system to transform unrecycled waste plastic into biodiesel from a broadened range of feedstocks.

Company CEO Brian Bauer and co-founder Jason Tanne formed Resynergi in October 2015 and sought out Ruan, who had developed a novel and efficient technology called rMAP (Rapid Microwave Assisted Pyrolysis) for transforming biomass into biofuels.

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