Algae biodiesel reduces emissions up to 80%: report

June 26, 2017 |

In Chile, FLS is reporting that researhers at Department of Chemical Engineering and Bioprocesses of the Catholic University have found that that algae-based biodiesel can reduce emissions and particulates by up to 80 percent in high-power diesel engines, compared to fossil diesel.

The research effort is a partnership with Automotive Mechanics of the Duoc UC,and Laboratory of Renewable Energies and Residues of the UC Engineering School. “Some species of microalgae can accumulate a large amount of oils, whose origin is the fixation of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.

These can be used to produce biodiesel in a similar way to the biofuel that is produced with oils used in frying,” César Sáez, a CU Engineering School professor leading the project, told FLS. 

The research also investigated the emissions-reducing potential of waste-based fryer oils, and looked at engines typical of those used by Trans-Santiago buses and trucks, he said.

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