City of Turin Bus Fleets Running on 15% Biofuel

July 8, 2017 |

In Italy, Eni signed an agreement with the City of Turin to run city buses on Eni Diesel+, a 15% biofuel made from used vegetable oils collected from residents and businesses in the area. The agreement allows the city to pay Eni the same price as regular diesel fuel and will use Eni’s biodiesel from now until end of October on about 650 buses in the city as a trial period.

GTT is conducting testing on the fuel emissions and tracking any malfunctions on the buses during the test period, and Eni is using one bus at its labs to run other experimental tests on combustion efficiency and pollutant emissions reductions. Eni converted a conventional refinery into a biorefinery and plans to expand as a biofuel provider in Italy for other cities like Turin which signed onto the Seville Declaration last year committing to a more circular economy.

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