KnipBio Looks to Partner with Biofuels Leaders for Fish Feed

July 15, 2017 |

In Massachusetts, biotech company KnipBio completed the last phase in producing its new aquaculture feed, KnipBio Feed and is now looking to partner with biofuel industry leaders to get to commercial scale fermentation. As reported in Biofuels Digest before, KnipBio developed a series of naturally occurring microbes that convert low-cost feedstock into premium, nutritious, single-cell proteins laden with pigment-enhancing carotenoids to produce healthier, more vibrant fish.

National Research Council of Canada was involved in the project. The goal for their program was to get it from lab to pilot-size production, and their next step is to continue field trials of the fish feed and demonstrate its improving . They expect to get it to commercial-scale manufacturing sooner than anticipated, though no specific date was given.

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