The 10 Strangest Bioeconomy Storylines of All Time

July 27, 2017 |

Trains to Nowhere, a nation run on coconuts, reviving the Woolly Mammoth for Pleistocene Park, and the country that wants to pay you to poop for energy security.  These classics have stood the test of time for sheer bizarreness — and sometimes, as inspiring testaments to the creativity of the innocvative mind.

10. 3D-printed, biobased cabin available for rent

In Amsterdam, DUS Architects has unveiled a 3D-printed “urban cabin” built out of linseed oil-based plastic. The “cozy” 86-square foot building includes a small park and outdoor bathtub. The building method is cheaper, faster, and less wasteful than conventional construction. The materials can also be shredded and reused, making the concept well-suited for disaster areas or any other circumstance in which small, temporary shelters are needed. The cabin can technically be rented for short stays, but DUS Architects sees the project more as a prototype for “compact and sustainable dwelling solutions.”

3D-printed, biobased cabin available for rent

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