Anatomy of a Renewable Fuels Project: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Ryze Renewables’ proposed Nevada plants

August 3, 2017 |

Ryze Renewables is developing two renewable fuels projects in the state of Nevada.

These documents published are available online via the state of Nevada as public records. While researching a related Digest story, Ryze had declined to give us a patent number for a technology they were utilizing, related to these projects. So we were forced to go a-digging, and amazingly we discovered that the state of Nevada had made these documents part of the public record and published them online. Readers have been clamoring for years to have an intimate look at how projects are described, costed, financed, and detailed for public authorities. We recognized this formed a goldmine of valuable information and perspective for Digest readers worldwide, and we are delighted to simplify the searching, and aggregate these public records today for the readership.

We never did get that patent number.

The Ryze Reno project is intended to cost $105 million for 40 million gallons of production capacity, would used corn oil and other feedstocks sourced from Noble Group, and was the subject of an $67.2 million USDA loan guarantee (or, 80% of the overall $84 million loan) with the Greater Nevada Credit Union as the lender of record.  Ryze Renewables also surfaced in a series of Las Vegas market applications for tax abatements and incentives, typical for a newly inbound business. This project is bigger: equipment costs have grown from $44 million to $73 million, and capacity has expanded to 60 million gallons per year; however, the project will also employ 67 employees, and the company projected an average hourly rate of $26.16.


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