Deep Stabilization: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to fast pyrolysis and bio-oil upgrading

August 7, 2017 |

Within the ChemCatBio set of core catalysis projects lies Fast Pyrolysis and Upgrading, which has as its goal β€œto develop cost competitive biofuels through catalytic stabilization and deoxygenation of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-oil. The near-term DOE goal is advancement of the State of Technology for upgrading FPBO by demonstration of gasoline and diesel blend stocks at a mature modeled price of $3.50/GGE by advancing stabilization catalyst lifetime, leveraging catalyst and process efficiencies, and targeting modelled conversion cost of less than $2.53/GGE, for the nth plant.

Project leaders Alan Zacher of PNNL and Jae-Soon Choi of ORNL prepared this overview of Fast Pyrolysis and Upgrading at the 2017 DOE Project Peer Review meetings β€” here are the slides from that presentation.

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