European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Manifesto: The Digest’s Special Guide

November 22, 2017 |

“We, representatives from large and small companies, NGOs, biomass producers, regions, and academia from all over Europe as members of the European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel, have prepared this manifesto based on the Building Blocks document, prepared as outcome of the Bioeconomy Stakeholders Conference under the auspices of the Dutch Presidency of the European Council in the first half of 2016. Collectively, we believe that Europe can be a leader in the development of a sustainable bioeconomy.”

So begins the impressive European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Manifesto which has just now surfaced from Europe, and which we present today in the Digest as part of our special coverage today of developments in the EU.

Above: Members of the European Bioeconomy Stakeholders and their Manifesto.

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