New EU research shows latest data for bioenergy and biofuel pathways

November 23, 2017 |

In Italy, some bioenergy and biofuel pathways have higher (GHG) savings than others, according to the latest data published by the European Commission’s Joint Research Center.

For example, electricity produced from maize in biogas plants can result in 80% GHG savings compared to fossil fuel alternatives, provided that gas-tight tanks are in place and agricultural manure is used in combination with the maize.

The research highlights that advanced technology and innovative practices are key to ensuring that bioenergy and biofuels contribute to the decarbonisation of the EU energy sector. In compiling the data, the JRC found that a number of technological optimisations are necessary to reach the ambitious GHG savings proposed by the Commission. This includes the use of gas-tight tanks, the need for higher conversion efficiency and higher shares of manure for biogas production.

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