Growmark adds biodiesel to Top Tier Diesel Fuel

December 6, 2017 |

In Missouri, Military Technologies is reporting that Growmark, Inc., a regional agricultural cooperative from Illinois, is providing Top Tier Diesel Fuel blended with biodiesel. Top Tier performance standards are gaining popularity across the country, helping vehicle owners ensure they are purchasing a clean, high quality fuel. As one of the only Top Tier Diesel Fuel providers in the country, Growmark is using cleaner burning biodiesel to increase the fuel quality even more.

Top Tier Diesel Fuel was developed to provide better performance, in turn helping the diesel fuel retailers, auto and engine manufacturers, and those who drive or use diesel-powered equipment. Relative to the ASTM D975 and D7467 specifications for diesel and biodiesel blends, the Top Tier Diesel Performance Standard requires detergents to reduce deposits on the fuel injectors, improve lubricity, improve fuel stability, and provide more protection against water and particulates that may be in the fuel before dispensing it into vehicles and equipment.

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