ArcelorMittal gets nod from World Economic Forum for Circular Economy

December 8, 2017 |

In Luxembourg, the Circulars, a circular economy prestigious award program, commended ArcelorMittal for demonstrating leadership and innovation by applying circular economy principles to its business models. Some of the examples highlighted in the commendation was its ambition of becoming a zero-waste company by developing and scaling up carbon capture and utilisation technology, resulting in products like Steelanol, a bio-fuel made from waste carbon monoxide, with the help of microbes. This high-grade ethanol will then be used for transportation and to make plastics. The company anticipates Steelanol could create 2000 direct and indirect jobs and generate an income of 300 million euro a year by 2025, while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions – 5 million tonnes worth a year by 2025.

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