Eco-Growth moves headquarters to Cochrane

December 22, 2017 |

In Alberta, Eco-Growth Environmental Inc. is setting up its first office in Cochrane and making it their new headquarters location. The move is expected to help push forward environmental causes in Cochrane as well as boost the economy by creating local jobs there. The company takes organic waste brought into their facility and converts it into biomass that can then be used to heat the water in the Executive Mat Services Ltd. launder service. This reduces the amount of waste ending up in landfills. One of the company’s machines separate the coffee grains from K-cups, using the grains for their gardens and the plastic processed in a Thermal Vacuum Reactor. They also collect paper towels that are then converted into biomass using the TVR machines, and the biomass converted into biofuel to heat their boiler system.

They plan on using the Cochrane location as a “launchpad for this technology,” Glen Smith, a sales representative told Cochrane Eagle. “We would donate a boiler system to the town of Cochrane possibly for the Eco Centre. We could take all the waste from those businesses and whoever else from the town that wanted to engage with us and then use the waste stream from those businesses to heat the Eco Centre because they pay for that gas cost to run that building now so it would be great savings for the people of Cochrane.”

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