Amino Labs releases the “Easy-Bake Oven” for biology

January 2, 2018 |

In Canada, Amino Labs has released its first product – the DNA Playground™ – the “Easy-Bake Oven” for biology.

DNA Playground™ is easy to use equipment for exploring the world of genetic engineering. The DNA Playground™ is unlike all other existing lab tools in that it is designed for non-scientists, makers, tinkerers, and students. Its designed for readers like you, and your children.

The DNA Playground™ is like an “Easy-Bake Oven for genetic engineering”, says Chief Science Officer Justin Pahara. “It is so easy to use that your children can reliably do university level stuff in school or at home and it costs less than an iPad.”

“I’m so excited that young kids, can do the same experiments that I could only start doing when I was 20 years old and in university – these kids are going to be so well equipped – they are going to become the Bill Gates of the biotechnology world.”

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