E-Fuel launches new hydrous ethanol-based gensets for homes and offices

January 9, 2018 |

In California, E-Fuel Corporation released for preorder sales the new Personal Energy System (PES) that will begin shipping second quarter of 2018. The PES is the industry’s first hydrous fuel combustion powered generator (genset) that can power and use the excess waste energy to heat homes or offices without the local power and heating fuel establishment. The PES objective is to eliminate reliance on the energy grid, lower escalating energy costs and aggressively reduce global warming emissions. PES can accomplish these goals for less than the purchase price of solar and battery backup systems, at $2 dollars per watt without tax credits. The electrical setup is similar to solar, but instead of feeding the power grid to reduce the monthly bill, the PES disconnects the utility power and heating completely from the facility. In the event the PES goes down, the PES control system instantly reconnects power to the utility.

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