Controversial study warns EU policymakers about advanced biofuels

February 11, 2018 |

In Ireland, Ethanol Europe Renewables Ltd, the operator of Europe’s largest biorefinery, is warning policymakers against placing too much hope in advanced biofuel production because according to their controversial study, researchers found that less than 1% of announced advanced biofuel capacity was a success, “a volume so small as to be irrelevant…and while the cycle is decades old, EU policymakers have yet to spot it,” according to EURACTIV.

“Contrary to statements from promoters of advanced biofuels, in the European Union, advanced biofuels production capacity is not growing steadily and there are not several examples showcasing this development,” the report said.

The European renewable ethanol association, ePURE, told EURACTIV that the study does not represent the whole industry and that advanced biofuels need more time and a clear policy framework to develop. EURACTIV tried to get a comment from the European Commission but they declined and also did not answer their question about whether the Commission has its own data about advanced biofuels projects and their development in Europe.

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