ABLC Global 2018 announced – 180 speakers, 17 distinctive summits & forums on the global advanced bioeconomy

April 2, 2018 |

In Florida, The Digest, in partnership with the US Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office and the International Energy Agency (IEA) Bioenergy announced that the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference on the Global Bioeconomy (ABLC Global) will be held November 6-9, 2018 at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, and outlined the agenda, themes and announced a first wave of event speakers. Full conference details are here.

3 Giant Conferences in 1 – 180+ speakers – A historic Partnership of Three Organizations – Unforgettable days of networking, and real dialogue on real opportunity

If you’ve attended the IEA Bioenergy Triennial Summit, the annual DOE Bioeconomy conference, or ABLC — you have three organizations and events in one. Dozens of international high-level delegations and the focus and energy of ABLC and its “Networking Like Crazy” focus on cooperation, collaboration, partnership, deal-making and trend-spotting.

In addition, ABLC Global will host Lab Tours of significant R&D centers in the San Francisco Bay Area, an Investment & Finance Summit on capital trends, and will feature tasting and hands-on technology demonstrations of advanced technologies, tools, beverages and foods.

17 Distinct Workshops, Forums and Summits

ABLC Global 2018 is 17 distinct conferences in 1 —the Biochemical Conversion Summit, the Thermal Conversion Summit, The Global Actions Forum, the Global Cooperation Forum, the Global Bioeconomy Forum, the Disruptive Technology Workshop, the Advanced Nutrition Summit, the Digital Biology Summit, the Advanced Agriculture Summit, the Financing & Investing Workshop, the Biogas Forum, the Innovative Conversion Technologies Forum, the Advanced Biofuels Summit, Sustainable Feedstocks Summit, the Biomass Mobilization & Sustainability Summit, the Advanced Organisms Forum, and the Open Innovation Summit. Full conference details are here.

Boost your conference ROI — 2 for 1 offer

Through August 15th, we have a special “2 for 1” offer in place — you can 50% off the super-low Early Bird rate – so, prices start as low as $448 per person if you take the 2 for 1. It’s double savings and is the best way to boost you conference ROI. And, access our special room rates at the Hotel Nikko to maximize savings and for a seamless stay in San Francisco. Full conference details are here.

The Digest State of the Industry: Market Price & Industrial Demand Outlook

Also featuring this year on the evening of November 8th is the Digest’s State of the Industry meeting, which will outline market sizes, growth trends and pricing ranges expected through 2022 for key product sets that will be under the microscope throughout the event.

6,000+ attending live or via live or on-demand streaming

500-600 high-level delegates are expected to convene in San Francisco for the event, and 6,000 are expected to tune in around the globe for live or on-demand coverage of selected events via BioChannel.TV.:

  • Getting to Scale: proven technologies that have been demonstrated in depth; the must knows and pitfalls from finance to engineering.
  • Gaining Speed: new strategies for increasing speed to market; development in parallel; accessing opportunities in emerging markets and making them work
  • Creating Advantaged Products — using the new toolkits of catalyst development, metabolic design, organism optimization, process simulation, open innovation, customer engagement and advanced fermentation to rapid create and scale new vehicles for bioconversion and new products & materials that feature higher rates, titers, yields and meet not only sustainability goals but bring new functionalities to the market.
  • Forming Capital for Scale: accessing strategic relationships; leveraging existing resources; new products and strategies that extend value for existing projects; what role carbon pricing plays, and how much and where and when.
  • Early Income: Designing platforms and breakthrough first products that reduce cash burn and create brand visibility; monetizing through new and existing channels.
  • Getting the right visibility: Developing a voice and messages that resonate with customers, consumers, policymakers, NGOs, investors, and analysts.
  • Affordable Feedstock: Identifying real resources, timelines to scale, aggregation that works, sustainability metrics, and residues vs novel energy crops.

8 Industry Segments & Subjects that Matter

Clean Fuels & Energy

In the Biochemical Conversion Summit, the Thermal Conversion Technologies Summit, the Disruptive Technology Workshop, the Biogas Forum, the Innovative Conversion Technologies Forum, and the Advanced Biofuels Summit, ABLC Global will be focusing on demonstrated cellulosic biofuels, expansion opportunities in biomass-based diesel, progress in aviation fuels; Low Carbon Fuel Standards and their impact, progress in emerging alternatives to gasoline and diesel including DME, butanol and more, upgrade and expansion technologies for first-gen plants and thermochemical technologies that are on the rise. Full conference details are here.

Renewable Chemicals and Biomaterials

the Biochemical Conversion Summit, the Thermal Conversion Technologies Summit, the Disruptive Technology Workshop, and the Innovative Conversion Technologies Forum, the event will focus on new demand for renewable chemical Intermediates, expansion in biobased plastics & packaging, the rise of fragrances & flavors, strategic interest and intent in organic acids and novel-performance chemicals. Full conference details are here.

Feedstocks & Supply chain development

In the Global Bioeconomy Forum, the Advanced Agriculture Summit, the Sustainable Feedstocks Summit, and the Biomass Mobilization & Sustainability Summit, the event will look at the development of a sustainable, available, reliable and affordable supply chain of feedstock based on biomass (including waste resources and new energy crops) to meet the conversion and product needs of the growing bioeconomy. Full conference details are here.

The New Nutrition

In the Advanced Nutrition Summit and the Advanced Feeds Summit, ABLC Global will focus in on the rise of protein production for animal and human nutrition, opportunities for vegan technologies, the growing interest in the microbiome and the implications for R&D, and the expanding universe of nutraceuticals. Full conference details are here.

The Digital Biology Toolkit

In the Advanced Organisms Forum, the Open Innovation Summit, the Global Disruptive Technology Workshop, and the Digital Biology Summit, ABLC Global will address the development of the new biological and manufacturing tools that support the rise of all these market segments — as well as the companions advances in robotics, genetics, big data and mobility that are ensuring that the nexus of biology and information science continues to power innovation across a wide selection of industries. Full conference details are here.


In The Advanced Agriculture Summit, ABLC Global will look at yield improvement, new crops, international deployment of technology, new sources of income — and the role of robotics, genetics, big data, remote sensing, mobility — and new tools for crop protection through early detection & spot treatment against pests, parasites, competitors and disease. Full conference details are here.

International Partnership

In the Global Actions Forum, the Global Cooperation Forum, the Global Bioeconomy Forum ABLC Global will look at opportunities to accelerate advanced technologies through robust international partnership, synchronized development and R&D consortia. Full conference details are here.


In the Financing & Investing Workshop, ABLC Global will brings together the latest case studies of successful financing, and introduce the players, the models, the geographies, and the steps to success from financing early-stage companies through to commercial-scale deployment. Full conference details are here.

Learn more

ABLC Global 2018’s website is now open with the events early agenda, committed speakers and sponsors and the complete program of activities for delegates.  Full conference details are here.

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