Value of grain and rapeseed declines relative to oil price

April 29, 2018 |

In Germany, UFOP reports that trade agreements are exacerbating pressure on prices for grain and rapeseed and that the development of prices for food and feed uses lags behind that of prices for the “fuel value” of these feedstocks.

Brent crude oil recently hit the level of 74 US dollar per barrel. This price is also the key currency for value comparisons with food feedstocks. According to UFOP, farms are in urgent need of new sales markets that will enable them to create sustainable value and invest in the future. However, farmers are still waiting for a breakthrough that would also be reflected in volumes and prices, UFOP points out. Politics has not yet given an answer as to which steps can be taken to combat the pressure on volumes and prices in the agricultural markets. According to UFOP, the situation is in fact quite the opposite, – the pending trade agreements are fueling fears that pressure from imports, for example in the vegetable oils market, will grow.

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