The Carbon Rescuers: 20 Top Waste projects and breakthroughs that capture used carbon from the waste pile for new uses

June 4, 2018 |

In these top 20 projects, we usually say that we are using waste, but really we are converting something from a state of waste to a state of value — and that’s not just good for the project owners in question, it’s good for every stakeholder connected with that waste stream. A successful waste project is the beginning of the death of waste — where technology permits, that’s about the fastest path one can take to a more sustainable society and a more affluent one.

Here we look at the top 20 waste projects and R&D breakthroughs of the past year. They involve food waste, crop waste, municipal waste, orchard waste, forest waste, waste CO2, industrial wastewater, manufacturing waste gases and more. 

It’s a global effort – we’re profiling work throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia — typically, based on international partnerships.

From these previously useless and odious streams, they are making fuels, chemicals and materials for everyday use — only with an attractive low-carbon footprint since in most cases these are cases of “rescued carbon” where we are capturing old carbon for a new use.

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