“Future Protein Award” applications open until end of June

June 17, 2018 |

In Germany, the products and concepts of alternative proteins participating in the “Future Protein Award” will be presented during the two-day REFAB conference in Cologne. The prize will be awarded by the German nova-Institute to those companies that present their products and concepts of future proteins, from CO2, insects, algae, bacteria and cell-cultured meat, in the most compelling way at the accompanying exhibition. Applications for participation in the competition will be accepted until end of June.

During the two-day conference, the expected 500 participants can examine the concepts, taste the new proteins and vote for their favorite candidates – in the categories best taste and best concept. At the end of the conference the votes will be counted and the winners will be presented to the international press.

Five producers of insect products and one hemp protein producer have already expressed specific interest. A producer of so-called “Solar Protein” from Finland, who uses bacteria to make proteins from CO2, has already entered the competition.


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