Yield10 publishes plant cell reports including camelina as model crop

July 1, 2018 |

In Massachusetts, Yield10 Bioscience, Inc., a company developing new technologies to create step-change improvements in crop yield to enhance global food security, published research describing the development of its Camelina platform as a model crop for novel yield trait discovery.

The research paper titled “Camelina sativa, an oilseed at the nexus between model system and commercial crop” documents the use of Camelina in a variety of research programs focused on improving crop yield and suggests that if yields can improve significantly, Camelina itself may be of interest as a commercial crop in the future. Camelina has been explored for production of biofuels, animal and aquaculture feed, specialty nutritional oils and other uses.

The paper describes the approach Yield10 researchers have taken to develop the Company’s Camelina platform and highlights the advantages of utilizing the crop for novel trait development, including short life cycle, ease of genetic transformation and performance of the crop under field conditions.

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