Biodiesel better than diesel for tractors and agriculture

September 9, 2018 |

In Germany, a research project by the University of Rostock’s Chair of Piston Machines and Internal Combustion Engines (Lehrstuhl für Kolbenmaschinen und Verbrennungsmotoren), investigated to what extent modern diesel engines for agricultural machinery are suitable for long-term operation with biodiesel fuel according to EN 14214. The study showed how biodiesel can fulfill the strictest requirements of emission legislation and engine technology for tractor engines and agriculture equipment.

They conducted fundamental tests with more than 1700 engine operating hours were carried out on an agricultural engine of the emissions standard EU IV in 100 % biodiesel operation as part of the project. It was shown that the biodiesel results in an increase of the volumetric fuel consumption due to the lower heating value. The investigations showed that biodiesel has a positive effect on the composition of the raw exhaust gas (downstream of cylinder, upstream of exhaust aftertreatment). This is why the engine produces lower carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon raw emissions in biodiesel operation compared to diesel operation. Furthermore, lower smoke numbers (FSN) were determined for operation with biodiesel. This is an important knowledge for potential biodiesel application of the particulate filter.

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