Government subsidies available for biogas plants

September 25, 2018 |

In India, the state of Rajasthan is giving subsidies of about 1/3 to ¼ of the cost for constructing a biogas plant in rural areas to reach a target of 3,700 households to meet the requirements under the country’s National Biogas Policy that came into force on May 30. The goal is to help households where cow manure is easily available to set up biogas systems. Each state needs to reach their target by March 2019. The government will be able to geotag each biogas plant to track whether it is still working or whether it was shut down after receiving the government subsidies, according to Times of India.

The Biofuel Authority of Rajasthan will be implementing the scheme and Deputy CEO, Maninder Singh, told Times of India, “This is a government of India drive for green energy. We are connecting it with the technology available to make it more transparent. We are collaborating with different stakeholders working in the state to get help in the implementation of this policy. Though the target is 3,700 but we have asked the officers to perform quality work instead of focusing on quantity.”

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