EU BIOWAYS project collects data regarding public perception of bio-based production

October 17, 2018 |

In Belgium, EU-funded BIOWAYS conducted an EU-wide online survey alongside analysis of relevant studies which helped them to collect qualitative and quantitate data regarding the public perception on bio-based products.

The online questionnaire was translated in seven languages and evaluated public perception and engagement with bio-based products, the benefits of utilizing them and reasons that prevent their greater use. Results from over 450 respondents from various EU countries showed that although the majority could identify bio-based products, less than 40 % of the people had sufficient knowledge about them.

Nearly half of the respondents indicated a lack of information regarding the benefits of bio-based products while the majority agreed that better labelling and incentives should be offered to consumers. This clearly showed that public awareness needs to be increased through well-targeted and innovative training tools and materials.

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