Results are in: Clariant’s sunliquid delivers 6X lower carbon intensity than fossil gasoline

November 6, 2018 |

By Paolo Corvo, Head of Sales & Marketing, Business Line Biofuels & Derivatives, Clariant
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Clariant sunliquid technology delivers low carbon intensity score of 15 gCO2/MJ for the cellulosic ethanol produced using sunliquid technology from agricultural residues feedstock such as corn stover and wheat straw which is more than 6 times lower than the carbon intensity of gasoline(1). The carbon intensity score also takes into consideration the chemical-free pretreatment and on-site process integrated enzyme production as well as the optimization of the byproducts for cogeneration or energy from the lignin and anaerobic digestion using the vinasse stillage. This will drive market pricing premium benefits for cellulosic ethanol under the RFS and LCFS based on the CI analysis conducted by Life Cycle Associates(2)

Based on Clariant sunliquid process design package a North American based project will deliver attractive returns based on the integrated design including proprietary process integrated enzyme and organism production which deliver robust economics with attractive return based on a greenfield scenario with product delivery into the California market taking advantage of the LCFS credit.  This will allow licensors of the sunliquid technology to maximize the economic returns from producing 2G ethanol in the United States.

The greenhouse gas saving of the sunliquid technology can reach up to 95% GHG in comparison to gasoline and even higher when considering use/storage of CO2.  Clariant has already commercialized the sunliquid technology in Europe with recent license sold to Enviral for a 50kta plant in Slovakia as well as Clariant’s own investment in Romania for a 50kta plant which will start production in 2020.

(1)    California Air Resources Board (ARB): crude oil delivered to California refineries calculated on avg. of 95 gCO2/MJ)


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