SAFCell completes eight-month field trial of remote power system fueled by methanol

December 6, 2018 |

In California, SAFCell, Inc. has completed an eight-month field trial of their remote power system at a Shell Canada well site in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. SAFCell’s system, which runs on industrial methanol, powered a methane emissions sensor from late February until mid-October, thereby demonstrating operability in the field at both low and high ambient temperatures.

SAFCell is working with the U.S. Army, oil and gas companies, and power system manufacturers to commercialize Solid Acid Fuel Cell systems. These quiet, clean systems operate on existing commercially available fuels, including (bio) methanol, ethanol, propane, (bio) diesel and natural gas. SAFCell power systems are more fuel-efficient, more-scalable, and have a lower total cost of ownership than incumbent, low-efficiency thermoelectric generators and competing high cost fuel cell products. SAFCell’s systems are built using an innovative solid acid cell design which allows fuel flexibility and reduced costs.

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