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December 13, 2018 |

#2 Trade groups urge EU to consider algae and bugs to ease protein shortfall

In the European Union, algae and insect trade groups have partnered to call on regulators to widen the scope of the EU’s protein plan to include more than just plants.

European Algae Biomass Association and International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed, in a press release, say the Development of Plant Proteins in the European Union report issued last month explored solutions to Europe’s protein deficit but failed to acknowledge the role that complementary sources such as algae and insects can play in animal feed and consumer diets.

“As representative organizations for the algae and insect production sectors, we do welcome the European Commission plans to develop plant protein production in the EU,” says IPIFF President Antoine Hubert. “We do however believe that the EU institutions should look beyond vegetal or conventional protein sources, and notably explore possible synergies with ‘new’ proteins sources’.”

EABA and IPIFF agreed on a set of proposals that include the establishment of EU funding measures as well as campaigns to raise awareness of new protein sources.
More on the story, here.

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