Sugarcane milling in Center-South Brazil reaches 556M tons

December 22, 2018 |

In Brazil, UNICA reports that sugarcane milling in the Center-South totaled 12.6 million tons in the first half of December. In the accumulated harvest of 2018/2019 until December 16, processing reached 556.85 million tons, down 4.10% over the same period of the previous cycle (580.68 million tons).

In the first half of December, sugar production fell by 20.1% in relation to the same half of 2017, totaling only 408.3 thousand tons. In the case of ethanol, there was a 34.7% increase in production, with 681.5 million liters produced (601.4 million hydrated and 80.1 million anhydrous).

From the beginning of the 2018/2019 crop to December 16, the amount of sugar produced totaled 26.17 million tons, down 26.72% when compared to the same period of 2017. Conversely, ethanol production is high of 18.93%, reaching 29.77 billion liters (9.06 billion anhydrous and 20.71 billion hydrated).

The total volume of ethanol sold in the Center-South totaled 1.38 billion liters in the first half of December, 65.74 million of which were destined for export and 1.32 billion for the domestic market.

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