Royal Netherlands Air Force to fly on 5% aviation biofuel from Leeuwarden Airbase

January 16, 2019 |

In the Netherlands, starting January 14, the Royal Netherlands Air Force operates her flights from Leeuwarden Airbase on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The SAF is supplied by SkyNRG and Shell Aviation and produced in the US by World Energy, at this moment the only producer of SAF worldwide.

The sustainable aviation fuel is used by the F-16 Fighting Falcons flying out of Leeuwarden Airbase. By operating her F-16 Fighting Falcons on SAF, the Royal Netherlands Air Force aims to further reduce her ecological footprint.

The F-16 Fighting Falcons fly on a mix containing 5% SAF. The SAF, produced by World Energy from used cooking oil, is supplied by SkyNRG and Shell Aviation at the airbase in Leeuwarden and mixed at the airbase with conventional fuel for the Fighting Falcons. The SAF reduces CO2 emissions with sixty to eighty percent compared to conventional fuel.

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