Circular Economy Mapping Tool for Wales launched

February 19, 2019 |

In UK, commissioned by WRAP Cymru, Anthesis has developed this user-friendly Circular Economy Mapping Tool for Wales – a useful resource for those operating within the Welsh bioeconomy; particularly food and drink producers and processors. It provides an interactive, visual representation of the extent of Wales’ thriving bioeconomy, plotting where different types of businesses are located across the country and where there are clusters. There are also multiple options to find out much more.

Users can:

  • Explore the number of businesses by industry, region and employee band size
  • Get an understanding of major waste types and quantities, according to business activity
  • See the economic projections for employment, Gross Value Added (GVA) and turnover to 2030 for the sector.

The tool is intended to assist WRAP Cymru in driving greater collaboration between the many organisations that Wales’ bioeconomy is comprised of.  It is hoped that it will act as a starting point for facilitating synergies that will allow for more efficiencies to be achieved; ultimately, increasing the circularity of the Welsh bioeconomy.  It provides businesses with the ideal opportunity to further enhance their understanding of the space that they are operating in, and to build useful connections.  For example, bakeries could look to establish relationships with breweries that might want to turn excess bread into beer.

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