Cortus Energy teams with Swedish Biofuels to produce bio-jet from forest waste

February 19, 2019 |

In Sweden, Cortus Energy AB (Publ) and Swedish Biofuels AB (SB) have agreed in a preliminary agreement about cooperating with the goal of during 2019, jointly projecting a first commercial plant for production of bio-jet fuel based on forest raw material and alcohols for the Arlanda airport needs.

Initial contacts around land, logistics, fuel and licensing has been taken during the winter. Cortus and SB’s joint facility for bio-jet fuel will be first of its kind and with a great global market potential. SB’s bio-jet fuel now complies with current standards jet fuel, and it has been successfully tested by the US and Swedish defense forces and for civil aviation over the past ten years.

In addition to green jet fuel, the plant will be able to produce other valuable products such as liquid transport fuels and chemicals. The technology planned for the plant is a combination of Cortus WoodRoll® process and SBs catalytic process for bio-jet fuel. The WoodRoll® process converts wood into synthesis gas which, along with alcohols, is the raw material for SB’s catalytic process for green jet fuel.

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