Looking for partners: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to NatSurFact

March 1, 2019 |
NatSurFact is the rhamnolipid-based biosurfactant product that Logos has developed in recent years.

Rhamnolipids are a naturally occurring class of compounds that have surface active (surfactant) properties. In nature, many species of single-celled organisms produce rhamnolipids to help them survive. The NatSurFact Team is harnessing these organisms to produce rhamnolipids efficiently in order to help us live better lives, too. Rhamnolipids are made up of fats and sugars – which is a big part of the reason they have such good environmental and safety characteristics.

NatSurFact is made from a renewable source – vegetable oil – in a natural fermentation process. It is mild when we use it to wash our skin, hair, or home, and does not hurt the environment.

The technology team is looking for partners right now to acquire or license the rhamnolipid technology. A brochure on the technology is available here. For more information on the opportunity, you can contact Dan Derr, the Business Area Lead at Logos Technologies, here.

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