ABLC NEXT 2019 announced – 100 speakers, 18 distinctive summits, forums and events on the global advanced bioeconomy

May 30, 2019 |

In Florida, The Digest announced that the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference on Next-Gen Technologies and Markets (ABLC NEXT 2019) will be held October 30-November 1st, 2019 at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, and outlined the agenda, themes and announced a first wave of event speakers.

ABLC NEXT will feature the NEXT 40 onstage — the 40 hottest emerging technologies and companies which, in our editorial judgment, have the greatest disruptive potential to become major bioeconomy companies over the near-to-mid term by redefining markets, growing revenues, and deploying at commercial scale.

ABLC NEXT will have as a theme “California, Here I Come” in focusing on deployments at commercial scale to take advantage of the huge California low-carbon markets; and the array of new technologies spinning out from California-based national labs, universities, Silicon Valley and the state’s massive agricultural base.

More about ABLC NEXT: The 2 for 1 offer returns.

Through August 15th we have a special “2 for 1” offer in place — you can save 50% off the super-low Early Bird rate – so, prices start as low as $498 per person if you take the 2 for 1. It’s double savings and is the best way to boost you conference ROI. And, access our special room rates at the Hotel Nikko to maximize savings and for a seamless stay in Washington, DC.

The event website, agenda and conference details including registration and the 2 for 1 special offer – for all that, start here.

6 Conferences in 1 — and 18 events in all

ABLC NEXT will feature 7 distinct conference experiences:

1. The Advanced Biofuels Summit
2. The Renewable Chemicals & Biomaterials Summit
3. The Advanced Agriculture Summit
4. The Advanced Nutrition Summit
5. The Sustainable Aviation Fuels Summit
6. The Biogas & RNG Summit
7. The NEXT Technologies Summit

In addition to the 7 conferences, there will be 11 special events, forums and workshops :

  • The Investor & Finance Workshop on capital trends
  • The Industry Horizons Forum
  • The Sustainable West Coast Forum on policy trends
  • The ABLC Wolfpack – 6 fuels & chemicals companies to be devoured and dissected in a search for underlying value by the ABLC Due Diligence Wolves
  • The Digital Biology Forum
  • The annual Hot Party celebrating the NEXT 40, and industry innovation and achievement
  • The annual State of the Industry address
  • ABLC Structured Networking throughout the event for new and returning delegates
  • The ABLC NEXT Technology Tours throughout the Bay Area
  • The ABLC NEXT Global Growth Keynotes

Announcing the first 16 Speakers

We’ll be announcing 100 speakers & moderators over the next 18 weeks, here are the first 16.

Rebecca Boudreaux, president, Oberon Fuels
Kevin Chen, CEO, Crop Enhancement
Charlie Dimmler CEO Checkerspot
Dan Evans, president, Promus Energy
Tim Geistlinger, CTO, Perfact Day Foods
Len Humphreys, CEO, Licella
Drew Hertig, CCO, Ecovia Renewables
Jennifer Holmgren, CEO, LanzaTech
BJ Johnson, CEO, ClearFlame Engines
Christoph Krumm, CEO, Sironix Renewables
Matt Lipscomb, CEO, DMC Bio
Eric McAfee, CEO, Aemetis
Will Patrick, CEO, Culture Biosciences
Alan Shaw, CEO, Calysta
John Shaw, CEO, Itaconix
Tim Ulmasov, CEO, CoverCress

6 Themes the Industry is Thinking About

Across the two and a half days of ABLC NEXT, we’ll be looking closely at project deployment, partnership development, supply chain construction, securing offtake, finance, people, technology, and winning locations. We’ll look in depth at 6 themes.

New Markets: New niches opening for drop-in sustainable alternatives as well as novel fuels, chemicals, materials, advanced foods, crops and crop protection.

New Technology Platforms: Advances in applied technologies that will open new markets in the future, as well as key advances in the platform technology areas of genetics, robotics, intelligence, storage, bandwidth.

Deploying at Scale: First commercial projects and technologies ready for deployment at scale.

Gaining Speed: new strategies for increasing speed to market; development in parallel; accessing opportunities in emerging markets and making them work.

Defining the Ask: What carbon policies will accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy; what are the rewards for countries, states and communities that move forward on carbon policy, and what’s the outlook for both current and new policies around the globe.

First Products: Designing platforms and breakthrough first products that reduce cash burn and create brand visibility; monetizing through new and existing channels.

Sustainable Feedstock: Identifying real resources, timelines to scale, aggregation that works, sustainability metrics, and residues vs novel energy crops.

10 Industry Segments that Matter

Liquid fuels: In the Advanced Biofuels Summit, ABLC NEXT will be focusing on demonstrated cellulosic biofuels, expansion opportunities in biomass-based diesel, progress in aviation fuels; Low Carbon Fuel Standards and their impact, progress in emerging alternatives to gasoline and diesel including DME, butanol and more, upgrade and expansion technologies for first-gen plants and thermochemical technologies that are on the rise. Full conference details are here.

Chemicals and Biomaterials: In the Renewable Chemicals & Biomaterials Summit, ABLC NEXT will focus on new demand for renewable chemical Intermediates, expansion in biobased plastics & packaging, the rise of fragrances & flavors, strategic interest and intent in organic acids and novel-performance chemicals. Full conference details are here.

Agriculture. In The Advanced Agriculture Summit, ABLC NEXT will look at yield improvement, new crops, international deployment of technology, new sources of income — and the role of robotics, genetics, big data, remote sensing, mobility — and new tools for crop protection through early detection & spot treatment against pests, parasites, competitors and disease. The Summit will examine sustainable crop protection, novel feedstocks, supply chain development, the return of platforms such as hemp and hemp-based CBD, the rise of protein production for animal and human nutrition, and opportunities for vegan technologies. Full conference details are here.

Sustainable Aviation Fuels: In the Sustainable Aviation Summit, ABLC NEXT will highlight success stories and emerging technologies for aviation fuels for commercial and military application, including a look at consortia aimed at deployment, and the emerging policy and airline industry purchasing trends.Full conference details are here.

Biogas and RNG fuels In the Biogas & RNG Summit, ABLC NEXT will be focusing on anaerobic digestion, feedstock aggregation including dairy and cattle residues, key markets, advances in vehicle technology and deployment, compression and purification technologies, and key partners and industry suppliers to turn “trash into cash”. Full conference details are here.

The NEXT 40 In the NEXT Technologies Summit and across the entire agenda, ABLC NEXT will showcase the 40 hottest emerging technologies and companies that in our editorial judgment, have the greatest disruptive potential to become billion dollar valuation companies over the near-to-mid term. Full conference details are here.

The New Nutrition. In the Advanced Nutrition Summit and the Advanced Agriculture Summit, ABLC NEXT will focus in on the rise of protein production for animal and human nutrition, opportunities for vegan technologies, the growing interest in the microbiome and the implications for R&D, and the expanding universe of nutraceuticals. Full conference details are here.

The Digital Biology Toolkit. In the Digital Biology Summit, our ABLC NEXT Tours and across the agenda, ABLC NEXT will address the development of the new biological and manufacturing tools that support the rise of all these market segments — as well as the companions advances in robotics, genetics, big data and mobility that are ensuring that the nexus of biology and information science continues to power innovation across a wide selection of industries. Full conference details are here.

International Partnership. In the Industry Horizons Forum and across the agenda, ABLC NEXT will will look at opportunities to accelerate advanced technologies through robust international partnership, synchronized development and R&D consortia. Full conference details are here.

Finance. In the Financing & Investing Workshop, ABLC NEXT will bring together the latest case studies of successful financing, and introduce the players, the models, the geographies, and the steps to success from financing early-stage companies through to commercial-scale deployment. Full conference details are here.

The key ABLC data points

Live Attendance: 400+ delegates, 100 Speakers, 250+ organizations- primarily high-level, director and above.
Global audience: 10,000 viewers follow the conference live and on-demand via BioChannel.TV

The event website, agenda and conference details including registration and the 2 for 1 special offer – for all that, start here.

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