Indonesian palm oil industry haunted by EU and looks to biofuel as a solution

September 15, 2019 |

In Indonesia, at a palm oil conference held by the Indonesian Journalists Association, palm oil and biodiesel leaders spoke about how palm oil is facing a price fluctuation issue, especially in the last few months because of policies and regulations from several export destination countries like the United Kingdom and the European Union, but that using palm oil for biofuels could be a solution.

According to Warta Ekonomi, the Indonesian Palm Oil Entrepreneurs Association cited that in April 2019, Indonesia’s palm oil exports decreased by 18% compared to total exports last March. One way to use the palm oil that isn’t being exported is by converting it to biofuel and replace fossil fuel and fossil energy with it.

The development of the national oil palm industry has good prospects because the Government of Indonesia is currently running a biofuel (biodiesel) development program that uses palm oil as its raw material.

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