New Zealand researcher awarded grant to study advanced biomass gasification

September 18, 2019 |

In New Zealand, a researcher at the University of Canterbury has been awarded NZ$999,999 funded over three years by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Enterprise to study integrated chemical looping and oxygen uncoupling with advanced biomass gasification, for renewable hydrogen production and carbon dioxide capture.

This research will develop a new system that combines advanced technology of biomass steam gasification with the capability of Hot Lime Labs for developing new carbon dioxide sorbents and oxygen carrier materials. This research will develop a new process and materials to produce bio-hydrogen and capture carbon dioxide by using New Zealand wood biomass resources from log harvesting and wood processing. The bio-hydrogen produced could be used as transport fuel, a chemical feedstock for methanol, ammonia and oil refineries. At present 95 per cent of hydrogen used in these industries is produced from fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide captured from this process could be used in plant greenhouses, fertilizer manufacturing and methanol or ethanol production.

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