BioImpulse project seeks to create bio-resin at small decentralized plants

October 7, 2019 |

In France, by developing a biosourced molecule of interest, the BioImpulse project will open up new biotechnology applications in the materials field. Coordinated by Michelin through its ResiCare entity, this collaborative project brings together major public and private players: FCBA, INRA and INSA, as well as Lesaffre through its Leaf business unit. Bioimpulse is supported by ADEME under France’s Future Investment Program.

The main objectives of the BioImpulse project:

Create a new adhesive resin without any substance of very high concern (SVHC) compound, with an improved impact on both health and the environment

Develop an industrial scale fermentation production process of a molecule of interest at a lower cost than its oil-based equivalent

Promote the new adhesive resin technology in the automotive and construction markets (wood in particular)

Produce this resin in small, compact and decentralized plants, as close as possible to customers, reducing its complexity and implementation costs.

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