ARENA grants nearly $700K to Yara and ENGIE for renewable hydrogen feasibility study

February 25, 2020 |

In Australia, collaboration partners Yara International ASA and ENGIE have welcomed the announcement of nearly $700,000 (A$995,000) in funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) towards their feasibility study, which is examining the potential to make renewable hydrogen technology work in industrial-scale facilities.

Yara International is working towards making carbon-free fertilizer, and renewable hydrogen is the major enabler for making CO2-free or “green” ammonia, which in turn, is the key ingredient for “green” fertilizer, as industrial feedstock and potential energy carrier. Yara’s goal is to ensure we will be the market shaper for green ammonia and low carbon fertilizer production. ENGIE is committed to developing industrial-scale solutions based on renewable hydrogen, produced by electrolysis using a green energy supply, and believes that hydrogen is the key that will unlock the full potential of renewables and carbon-free energy solutions.

The collaboration on the feasibility study aims to assess the first step towards converting the Yara Pilbara plant from one that relies completely on natural gas for its hydrogen, to one where a share of its hydrogen comes from renewable power. Reaching that goal would further reduce the plant’s CO emissions.

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