Amyris gets GRAS validation for new health and nutrition ingredient

May 17, 2020 |

In California, Amyris, Inc. reports that its first health and nutrition ingredient received a validation by a unanimous Panel of Medical Experts as Generally Recognized As Safe (“GRAS”). Following this successful validation, Amyris will submit an application for FDA GRAS approval of this ingredient (currently not being named due to partner’s requirements), which has the highest level of purity available today at the lowest cost and is made from a sustainable production process using fermentation.

“We are very pleased with the medical Panel of Experts GRAS validation of our first health and nutrition ingredient. We are making very good progress with the development of ingredients in this category which are expected to develop into a comprehensive product line to advance our innovation leadership and support human health. The combination of our product offering and purity are unmatched in the industry and we believe this will lead to market success for this application of our technology,” said John Melo, Amyris President and CEO.

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