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Neste Oil boost waste and residue raw materials by over 400,000 tons in 2012

In Finland, Neste Oil increased the use of waste and residue raw materials for renewable fuels refining by over 400,000 tons in 2012. A total of 742,000 tons of these raw materials were used compared to 330,000 tons in 2011. The use of waste animal fat in particular increased last year and fish processing industry […]

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Bioenergy PROFITS Principles: Animal, Plant or Vegetable? So….What is Jatropha?

By Biofuels Digest columnist Dr. Rosalie Lober Obtain Vital Information is essential for growing your business in response to market changes and customer desires.  Our generation has the great fortune to be able to access unlimited information from thousands of sources.  The challenge within both our business and personal lives is to ride the information […]

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Energy as easy as Waffles

One day, biofuels microbes may be so adept at making fuels, it will be a case of “just add water”. For now, there’s the hard slog of unlocking feedstocks that are affordable, available and aggregated. As we look for recent victories in low-cost feedstock development, What can we learn from natural gas? People from Minnesota […]

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The Farm Bill: Your 2013 5-Minute Guide to $1B in US agri-energy investment

So, the Farm Bill passed the House and Senate, now — and heads to conference. When — and what will the Senate and House confer about, anyway? What’s in there for you? Here are the need-to-knows. In Washington, the House and Senate have now passed their respective versions of the proposed 2013 farm bill, which […]

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Largest green diesel plant completed in US, Diamond Green Diesel: can it make money?

A now-complete 142 million gallon green diesel monster project will easily deliver big on renewable energy targets and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. But it also offers a material path to profits for its parents, Valero Energy and Darling International. In Louisiana, Darling International announced that Diamond Green Diesel, the joint venture between Valero subsidiary Diamond […]

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Transform methane into low-cost plastics, chemicals, fuels? Yep, there’s an app for that too.

Two of the pioneers of the biobased economy – former Codexis CEO Alan Shaw and NatureWorks — strike a landmark deal based on methane – most affordably sourced from natural gas. Renegades? Revolutionaries? Practical business in commodity-driven industries? The Digest takes you inside the deal — and the technology. In Canada, Calysta Energy and NatureWorks […]

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Asia Special Biofuels Report

There’s only one complete region for biofuels where abundant feedstock, lack of oil & gas production, rising energy demand and supportive government policy come together — and that is Asia. We’re never quite sure which factor is the most important in Asia’s rising focus on biofuels: Interventionist governments, concentration of capital, strong traditional focus on […]

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The Red-Light District in biofuels feedstocks

You’ve heard about it, no doubt, the red light district. Filled with today’s temptations and allure, tomorrow’s regrets and OMGs. Biofuels has its own district, too – but Roxanne, you don’t have to put out the red light. In biofuels, feedstocks come in many shapes, phases, and sizes — but only three colors – red, […]

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EPA OK’s 30% increase in US biomass-based diesel mandate as domestic production capacity expands.

What will bigger targets mean for producers, livestock, obligated refiners, and the diesel-using public? In Washington, the EPA issued its final rule for 2013 establishing 1.28 billion gallons as next year’s biomass-based diesel volume requirement under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), up from 1.0 billion gallons in 2012. “This 1.28 billion gallon level is in-line […]

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Which biofuels players are getting traction now? The Diamond Dozen

In a world filled with companies of promise and companies of promises, the Diamond Dozen are expected to dominate the advanced biofuels capacity landscape through 2017. Who are they – and why are they early-movers? Tomorrow, nominations open for the 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy and the 30 Hottest Companies in Renewable Chemicals and bio-based […]

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