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Boeing launches smallholders initiative with RSB and South African Airways

In South Africa, Boeing is launching an initiative with South African Airways and the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) to expand opportunities for “smallholder” farmers in Southern Africa to grow crops that produce sustainable fuels. The program builds on a global effort by Boeing, RSB and other partners to help farmers with small plots of land […]

March 5, 2014 More

Halophytes are cost-competitive, says Boeing, SBRC

In the UAE, Boeing, along with partners at the Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium (SBRC), announced that the desert plant halophyte produces biofuel more efficiently than most other well-known feedstocks at low, competitive costs, according to their research. “Halophytes show even more promise than we expected as a source of renewable fuel for jets and other […]

February 3, 2014 More

Boeing, Etihad Airways, Takreer, Total, and Masdar to collaborate for sustainable aviation biofuels in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, Boeing, Etihad Airways, Takreer, Total, and the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology have announced a collaboration for sustainable aviation biofuels in the UAE. The collaboration, BIOjet Abu Dhabi: Flight Path to Sustainability, will develop a comprehensive framework for a UAE biofuel supply chain, which is already in motion. Etihad […]

January 20, 2014 More

Boeing hoping for ASTM approval for green diesel as jet fuel by year’s end

In Washington, Boeing is seeking ASTM approval by year’s end to allow green diesel to be used as a replacement for Jet A, allowing the commercialization of biofuels for jet fuel to speed up rapidly. Already production will hit 800 million gallons by the end of this year. The company is seeking an annex to […]

January 14, 2014 More

RSB teams with Boeing for sustainability workshops in SE Asia

In Malaysia, Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) has launched an initiative with the help of The Boeing Company to support small farmers in Southeast Asia by expanding their opportunities to grow feedstocks that produce sustainable fuels. More than 60 participants from 15 countries attended a three-day South-East Asian workshop on “Sustainable Biomaterials for Better Livelihoods” […]

December 9, 2013 More

Boeing signs aviation biofuel research deal with GOL airlines

In Mexico, Boeing and GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes will work together to speed the research, development and approval of new sources of sustainable aviation biofuel in Brazil. Their collaboration will support GOL’s plans to use this lower-carbon jet fuel on more flights during upcoming major sporting events and also will benefit long-term development of a […]

November 19, 2013 More

Boeing and GOL sign MOU

In Brazil, Boeing and GOL Linhas Aerea Inteligentes S.A. have teamed up for aviation biofuel in Brazil, signing an MOU for biofuel collaboration at the Latin America and Caribbean Airt Transportation (ALTA) Airline Leaders Forum 2013. GOL plans to use sustainable biofuel on 200 flights during the major sporting events in Brazil in 2014, and […]

November 18, 2013 More

Boeing and South African Airlines sign MOU

In South Africa, Boeing and South African Airlines have signed an MOU for aviation biofuels in Southern Africa. This represents both Boeing and Africa as a whole’s first foray into the world of sustainable aviation biofuels. SAA is Africa’s leader carrier. ‘SAA is taking the lead in Africa on sustainable aviation fuels and, by setting […]

October 14, 2013 More

Hottest Companies: Boeing

Voting for Boeing in the Hot 50 or Hot 30 Rankings You can vote on the web for this company in the 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy or the 30 Hottest Companies in Biobased Chemicals and Materials — by clicking on the icons above to “Like” or “Tweet” this page. Any web votes you record […]

August 25, 2013 More

“Boeing, Chicago Dept. of Aviation among partners in biofuels initiative.”

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March 10, 2013 More