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OSU researchers say camelina could be good crop during dry years

In Oregon, researchers at Oregon State University are finding that growers could earn about $300 per acre from camelina even during very dry years. So far this year the trial plots near Ontario have only received about 6 inches of rain. Willamette Biomass Processors currently buys camelina from Montana so would be happy to have […]

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The Latest in next-wave biofuels feedstock reports: Camelina, safflower

A recent study provides information important to farmers growing oilseed crops. In the study, camelina and safflower were grown in three-year rotations with winter wheat and summer fallow. The study shows that using this rotation may require that no tillage should be done to the soil during the fallow year. Oilseed crops produce relatively little […]

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Omega Grains signs agreement to trial camelina in Spain

In Spain, Delaware-based Omega Grains, via its Argentine subsidiary Chacraservicios, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Technological Institute for Food and Agriculture (ITAGRA) and the regional agricultural cooperative of Carrión de los Condes to trial camelina for later use as a biodiesel feedstock. A test plot is already underway in the area, with the […]

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Camelina pushed for small-scale biodiesel production in Arkansas

In Arkansas, camelina is being introduced into DeWitt as an alternative winter crop while a mini-biorefinery will be built to process local production. The facility developed by Springboard Biodiesel will produce 80,000 gallons per year. The push is the first project of the Farm to Fuel program. The fuel will be used locally for buses, […]

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UOP’s Green Jet Fuel from camelina soars in Colombian commercial flight

In Colombia, UOP announced that Honeywell Green Jet Fuel™ produced using Honeywell’s UOP Renewable Jet Fuel process powered the first commercial flight in Colombia operating with renewable jet fuel. A LAN Airbus A320 aircraft traveled with 174 passengers from Bogotá El Dorado International Airport to Santiago de Cali, Colombia. One of the aircraft’s two engines was […]

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Canadian company maps camelina genome

In Canada, Genome Prairie has mapped the genome of camelina sativa that will help researchers further enhance and develop the crop to improve biofuel and co-product production. Key research areas include improved drought and pest resistance as well as increased yields.

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Indonesia Explores Camelina to Improve Farmer Income and Energy Production

In Indonesia, the Yogyakarta Forestry and Horticulture Agency, in partnership with Waterland Asia Investments Pte. Ltd, has planted camelina shrubs in the hopes of creating an income and energy generation project for local farmers. In an effort to diversify away from food crops, and increase farmer incomes, the agency has donated 300 hectares with an […]

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Camelina on the move: Global Clean Energy Holdings acquires Sustainable Oils

Signature camelina developer acquired by GCEH in non-cash transaction, as 2011′s wonder feedstock takes a step forward.
 In California, Global Clean Energy Holdings announced that it has acquired Sustainable Oils, a leader in Camelina genetics and production. The acquisition includes 100% ownership interest of Sustainable Oils and the ownership of the key intellectual property and […]

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EPA green lights camelina, energy cane but keeps the lid on arundo

New renewable feedstock OKs. Good news, bad, neutral? The Digest looks in depth at the latest from EPA. In Washington, the US Environmental Protection Agency issued a final rule qualifying biofuels produced from camelina oil as biomass-based diesel or advanced biofuel, as well as biofuels from energy cane which qualify as cellulosic biofuel. This final […]

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EPA releases final rule on camelina and energy cane

In Washington, the EPA has released its final rule on camelina as a feedstock for advanced biofuel generation. This final rule describes EPA’s evaluation of biofuels produced from camelina oil and energy cane, as well as renewable gasoline and renewable gasoline blendstock made from certain qualifying feedstocks.

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