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Chevron: Transformative Technologies 2014 nominee, “Transformative conversion technology (liquid)”

This is the official Transformative Technologies 2014 nominee page for Chevron, nominated in the “Transformative conversion technology (liquid)” category for its rapid thermal depolymerization technology. Voting Rules All voting is exclusively via social media this year. To vote, simply click on the Tweet, Like or Share link in on this page. Each tweet, like or share […]

March 10, 2014 More

Chevron Predicts Increased Gasoline Prices due to Ethanol Mandate

In California, Chevron Corporation’s CEO, John Watson, predicts that refiners may increase gasoline exports as a way to circumvent the Renewable Fuels Standard’s (RFS) ethanol mandate, causing gasoline prices to rise. Refiners complain that E15 adds to their costs and can only be used by 5% of U.S. cars, citing a November 2012 AAA automobile […]

June 12, 2013 More

NBB says biodiesel is the answer to RFS woes; Chevron says it’s a lot of Brazilian ethanol, for now

At the National Biodiesel Boards annual Biodiesel Summit in Las Vegas, NBB CEO Joe Jobe projected that US biodiesel production will exceed 1.5 billion gallons for 2013, well over the EPA’s 1.28 billion gallon mandate. Under RFS2 rules, biodiesel can qualify not only in the biomass-based diesel category — but for the advanced biofuels pool […]

February 7, 2013 More

Chevron says to forget cellulosic ethanol and focus on vehicle efficiency

In California, Chevron’s EVP for policy says importing Brazilian ethanol is the only way to comply with the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, because ““We’ve created a law that, in the timing of implementation and design, we believe is not workable.” She says that rather than trying to make cellulosic ethanol that the focus should […]

February 6, 2013 More

Biofuels Digest’s 2012 Best New Fuel Award: ARA, Chevron Lummus Global, 100% drop-in aviation biofuel

Aviation biofuels is, without a doubt, one area in which just about everyone agrees that biofuels have a strong future, if the economics are there and the product is a drop-in fuel. Well, nothing is more of a drop-in than a 100% drop-in, but to this point, a shortage of aromatics in renewable aviation fuels […]

December 31, 2012 More

Chevron Thailand looking at E20 from Jan. 1

In Thailand, Chevron’s local arm is undecided as whether it will introduce E20 when 91 octane fuel is phased out the end of 2012. Currently 91 octane represents about 40% of fuel demand while the rest is supplied by E5. The government this week raised the subsidy on ethanol by 1 baht per liter, which […]

October 24, 2012 More

Aemetis and Chevron announce new renewable jet and diesel fuel agreement

In California, Aemetis has announced an expanded, global license agreement with Chevron for renewable jet and diesel fuel. The expanded license grants Aemetis the use of an isoconversion process to produce fuels that meet the necessary ASTM requirements for 100% replacement, renewable jet fuel, and diesel in Aemetis biorefineries. “This agreement will enable Aemetis to […]

October 22, 2012 More

Aemetis licenses Chevron Lummus/ARA technology for aviation biofuels

In California, Aemetis announced a license agreement with Chevron Lummus Global for the inexpensive, rapid production of renewable jet and diesel fuel by the conversion of existing biofuels and petroleum refineries. The license agreement grants Aemetis Advanced Fuels Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aemetis, the use of the Biofuels ISOCONVERSION Process for the production of […]

August 24, 2012 More

Chevron Lummus joins ARA’s 100% drop-in aviation biofuel initiative

In New Mexico, ARA announced today that Chevron Lummus Global has joined the ReadiJet Alternative Fuel Initiative to develop drop-in biofuels for jet and diesel engines, eliminating the need for blending with petroleum.   The joint development effort combines ARA’s CH PROCESS technology with Chevron Lummus Global’s ISOCONVERSION process technology.  Commercial samples of ReadiJet™ fuel are […]

May 17, 2012 More

Chevron say expect higher fuel prices with end of ethanol tax break

In California, Chevron warned its marketers that the ethanol tax break may be coming to an end in the near future. In the notification, the company indicated that higher pump prices are a likely effect for consumers. “We’ll be sending our dealers a copy of the letter so that they know what’s happening,” said a […]

December 5, 2011 More